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Dubai is famous for its pristine beaches and many of the most luxurious hotels and resorts have their own private slice of paradise! This is why you can easily imagine how memorable your wedding could be when settled within such a beautiful landscape!

Do you want to immerse yourself in the real Arabian atmosphere, feeling the silent and fresh breeze of the desert, looking at the sunset over the dunes while promising your beloved eternal love? There are many options to celebrate your wedding in a real Arabian scene, and we are pretty sure that your guests will talk about it for all their lives!!! 

Polo Club
If you are a Polo lover, devoted to live this sport as your passion in life, why not using this setting for your wedding as well ? Dubai is renowned for its elegant and one-of-a-kind Polo Club, which provides a magnificent venue for organizing and enjoying some of the most attractive events in the Gulf. Including your wedding, why not ?!

Golf Club
And if you are passionate about Golf, then here we go again, place your scene on the green, and you will amaze all those around you who have played at least once in their lives with a golf stick! Still a very elegant venue, unique for its magic overview as well as elegant and undoubtedly exclusive.

Private Yacht
We can organize a very original wedding on a private yacht in the Arabian Gulf turquoise waters, ensuring privacy and luxury, while offering a breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline, especially at sunset, when it will show all its magic!

Private Villa on the Palm
Known as the eighth wonder of the world, the Palm offers some exclusive luxury villas that can be rented to make the celebration of your wedding unique, in a cozy and secluded angle of paradise.


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